Tao Heung village stores into batches of the dumplings had been listed in. <a href="http://www.topshoes4vip.com/">christian louboutin outlet online</a> Although did not have entered a period of hot, other brands also dumplings onto the market early, for this year's Dragon Boat Festival sales peaked before enough work, while several supermarkets a month in advance on the creation of a dedicated sales counters "Dragon Boat Festival this year than in previous years in advance, we began in April on the distribution speed increases the festival market. "Tao Heung Village official says, zongzi sales time is longer than usual this year, prices at the peak of sales today have not experienced too much volatility. In terms of variety, zongzi this year most are based on traditional flavors and fillings are most common in the Carrefour supermarket Tzu Shoppe, pick the dumplings people Miss LI told reporters, she did not wait until Dragon Boat Festival to eat zongzi this year alone these past few months, she and her family had eaten many times. Zongzi independent existence apart from the Festival, for her house, which is good news. According to industry analysts, manufacturers generally lengthen the Dragon Boat Festival rice dumpling sales this year, Chinese and perhaps consumers such as the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, <br /> <br />Substantial rebate promotions in business all began, dumplings of all supermarket price tags promotions have been from white to yellow. A month ago, zongzi sales counter built area was also expanded. Make consumers happier is that early May there is little price dumplings, also suffered different degrees of price by reporters at Wal-Mart stores, Miss, most brands, such as dragons and phoenixes of dumplings, price reduction from base of around 15%. Phoenix champion dumplings retail price consists of 9 dollars to 6.9 Yuan; Miss torch purple jade chestnut meat steamed rice dumpling price drop from 13.2 Yuan to 9.9 Yuan; three wrapped in steamed rice dumplings was 15.8, current 9.9 at the Tao Heung Village, reporters saw most zongzi gift box prices <a href="http://www.topshoes4vip.com/">www.topshoes4vip.com</a> are maintained at a hundred or so, excessive packaging premium gift box in sight. Enterprise official said that last year's Dragon Boat Festival rice dumpling market atmosphere, <br /> <br />Some effects of seismic events, but there is an optimistic growth this year selling long, market demands are also more exuberant, the current sales rose to 22% per cent, prices are flat with last year when a reporter visited in the market found that many brands of dumplings ever scary boxes disappeared from Planet Hollywood, people are no longer with sky-high hype their products as selling points. 1200 g three-aspected dragon-boat rice dumplings Ling spree price 108 Yuan, 1920 g Miss torch bamboo gift set at $ 96.8 million. Prices for such high-end products also seem more approachable at the same time, a number of new products launched, quickly attracted many consumers to buy. Many brands quietly launched the "leafless bamboo", coconut-flavored fashion products such as corn dumplings steamed rice dumpling, favored by many young white-collar workers. Rice has been enjoying not just taste, with a lot of fashion sense. Many hotels, pastry shops, and even coffee shops to join the Festival's lively. <br /> <br />Bakery, cake shop, all kinds of dumplings is already in stock. And supermarket main vacuum packaging and frozen packaging two species packaging of dumplings different, these cake shop to fresh dumplings mainly, both traditional of meat Redish, and hummus Redish, and sweet Redish, and some Fusion has Western pastry shop features of new, like Chicago s Redish, to sold coffee known of stars BA grams, this year also in mainland market sold up has dumplings, launched new "Stars ice Redish". And in contrast to traditional glutinous rice dumplings, made from ice, the introduction of coffee, mango and pea three flavors, playing on the "zongzi" edge. Their price is much higher than similar products on the market, at $ 11 each. Sold with Haagen-Dazs mooncakes have similar meanings.